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It’s hard to get the truth of it all in words and pictures on a screen. Life, people are so multi-faceted. Every side of a story holds a grain of truth and every perspective is real to the person standing in that place.

The Internet is a lot like the 50’s. We dress up in crinolines and pearls so the neighbors think we’re happy and wash down our psych meds with martinis.

Every image  is that, a moment, it tells a story but it takes so much more to really know someone. I appreciate so much about how connected we are, that I can find childhood friends and connect with people who are around the world.

I have to say, I miss the rawness of sitting somewhere, a coffee house or cafe, and knowing that if I don’t risk talking to someone I may never see them again. I miss the eye contact that is circumvented by our smart phones and computers. I miss the heart skipping awareness of everyone in the room and the vibrating potential of how they could change your life with a few words. Maybe I just miss that golden window of time, that part of my life before things went to shit for so many of us. We were so passionate in our joys and anger, our hearts were only cracked, not yet broken, we hadn’t yet drunk down the bitterness of settling for less than we’d hoped and there was still limitless possibility just within reach.

Is it adulthood that mellows us? Is it accepting limits or learning lessons? Or is it simply discovering that the golden shine rubs off until your fingertips are smudged and what you are holding is soft and dented but it fits you like an old coat, worn in just the right way. It may not be what you thought it would be but its not necessarily bad. If you’re lucky, it fits well and keeps you warm.