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So this isn’t something I usually post about, but it’s something that seems to be a pretty common theme with care-givers and cancer survivors. We are super de-conditioned (our main activity for several years now has been, respectively, lying in bed sick on lots of muscle eating drugs or sitting in a chair staring at the person lying in bed being sick, also, crocheting. This has not only made us both weak but we have gained a lot of weight so we are uncomfortable in our bodies (even more uncomfortable than just being sick makes us).

Because of this we have agreed to join in on an experiment, we are doing a 120 day challenge, it started two days ago, on 1/9/17, which felt a little arbitrary but we are doing it with a large group of people and groups can be arbitrary.  This means clean food, less cookies, lots of water, and more than anything, forcing ourselves to move more every single day. I’ll add a more extensive breakdown of how it all works out in the Hippie Test Projects section. I’ll just say here that tackling new recipes is always fun and I’m already starting to get sore. We want to make a major shift in our lives, we are ready to try to really live again, and this seemed like a good way to start that this year. Not so much a resolution as a lifestyle shift. I’ll keep you updated, wish us luck. I’m off to bust out the Wii and hula hoop on it for a while before bed.