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 I have various versions of the quote to the left all over my world. By my desk, on my computer, in my notebook. The amazing thing about the past year for me is how true it is. I’ll post later about mindset as I am contemplating the importance of how you think and how it effects your goals but let me say that the first part of rewiring your brain is this: set a date for your dreams. Break them down into steps. Then do the work to make the steps happen.

I’m learning a lot this year. I found a business mentor and because of her I am working through some major blocks in my ability to succeed. Belief in the reality that to get to the goal you have to map out the steps and just keep showing up to learn them has been my deepest lesson lately. That and do the thing you’re least comfortable with first and repeatedly until it’s not scary anymore. Those are my two gems for the last month. I’m honestly still absorbing them.

If you don’t have a mentor, someone who you hold yourself accountable to for the dates on your goal lists, find someone. Find someone, or a few someones, who have done what you want to do and throw yourself at their mercy. There is always someone out there who has already done what you want to do and can share with you the best ways to avoid the pitfalls that learning on your own would take you through. I have a few people I am supporting in the launch of their businesses. I’ve owned a few now and have some idea what I would and wouldn’t do again. Sharing information helps me get clear on what I want and where I want to go. Talking with someone who has already made it to where I want to be keeps my mind whirring and my commitment levels high.

“You are,  basically, the sum total of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Are those 5 people heading where you want to go?”

This Weeks Reading Pile – Sept 2017

It’s so hard sometimes to see the shape of success, what it feels like, what it means in my life. It takes a continual effort to refocus on my goals, reviewing with my mentor, refocusing on the steps and the end goals. It also helps to have a team of people working toward similar goals to hustle with. Not having to justify your dreams or the effort you’re putting into them is worth your weight in gold.

Being an entrepreneur, someone who chooses to go their own way and make a dream happen can be a lonely road. But all of you, out there, in my tribe are amazing, a group of us are working on building life changing businesses and all the joys, failures and laughter along the way become a language that only people who have struggled to make a dream happen really get. The sacrifices, the work, the personal development and educating yourself constantly so that you can become a better person and a most of all a better business person is a journey and sharing it and your resources makes it less lonely.  As a bonus, we share our reading lists, favorite podcasts and resources freely. We all succeed more easily when we share freely.

“I only have control over myself and my reactions to things. If I want something different, I can change me and therefore change my life”

So I want to shout out to every one of you working on making your way and doing your own thing out there, when you need tequila shots at 2:00 pm because something so ridiculous, that you just can’t even, for the rest of the day, happens, I feel you. When you are mainlining coffee to meet deadlines, we are sweating with you. When you are busting out the champagne or chocolate or ice cream to celebrate nailing your presentation/meeting/sale/contract/client we are cheering you on. There’s enough out there for all of us to succeed and I’ll be one of the people cheering for you when you do. That’s what your tribe is for and I’m glad you’re a part of mine.

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