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So I’m a massage therapist, and I love all forms of therapeutic bodywork, but I have a special love for watsu. At no point in my life do I relax the way I do when I am receiving watsu. There is nothing like floating in warm water, its like my whole body unwinds. Our friend Elina Root of Aqua Care For Me

Watsu with Elina Root of Aqua Care For Me

has been trying to convince Cyndi to integrate watsu into her rehab. For some reason, being in a pool is the only time Cyndi’s vertigo abates. She wouldn’t try it until she saw what it was like so I got spoiled today too. Elina has a warm salt pool and an incredible, intuitive touch that made the drive into the valley during rush hour totally worth it.  Cyndi actually got in the pool and had an entire session! It was a real gift for both of us. We are making plans for making this a regular deal.

I have issues with my back, we’re doing daily exercise and rehab but it never feels quite right. Tonight, after soaking and stretching and the yummy massage that is watsu I feel taller and decompressed.  There’s something about the warm water that soothes the nervous system, maybe it’s a memory of being in the womb. All I can say is I love it.

We are trying to convince her to teach workshops so more people can spread the wonder that is watsu. I’ll keep you updated. In the meantime:  Here’s a video of  Watsu with Elina

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