What Is The Moon Goddesses Kitchen?

Because The Most Meaningful Conversations Happen In The Kitchen 

It is Kitchen Witchery: good food, good friends, love, wine, meaningful conversation and musings on life.  It is your core group, your tribe that supports your dreams and all the things you work so hard at to build your businesses, your dreams, the life you deserve rather than the life you’ve had.

It is a space to be accepted, nourished and loved in all our imperfection and struggling humanity. It is the heart of the home, the source of all the things we are really made of, long talks with wine, warm mornings with coffee, sweet desserts and meals full of nourishment and kindness are produced at its hearth.

It is family dinners where everyone is welcome and holidays shared with new and old friends. It is a passion for trying new things in old ways and sharing the love of working with your hands. It is finding healing in the joy of it all. Most of all it is the safe space a good friend can provide for you to be your truest self and find the best part of who you are because you know you are loved.

I will be sharing food, crafts, concepts and projects, all interspersed with bits of wisdom I am gleaning as I stumble through a life full of challenges and joys. The Moon Goddesses Kitchen is a way of life founded in loving acceptance, supported by a focus on personal development, a pursuit of financial freedom and life on our terms, while recognizing the magic in all things, rooted in a joyful adoration of food and making all sorts of things.10429535_10203371871834202_1897330265_o

I believe in a variety of things, good food plays a big role in my world. And while I acknowledge that ease and convenience will always have a place in day to day life (and I, more often than I like to admit, will have ice cream for dinner), I feel my best when I have the time to make things from scratch and I’m working hard to build a life that has the resources and time freedom to allow me to do that every day.

Some of the best things are bone broths and grinding wheat for flour, fresh bread and hearty soups.  Heritage grains and butter, in cookies and cakes and seasonal, tasty things that make your soul sigh in happiness.  I love raising my own chickens because after tasting truly fresh eggs store bought (though my ladies have weeks of being salad eating freeloaders…) aren’t nearly the same.  I believe good food, made from scratch and filled with love is a special magic that can heal. I believe a baby’s laughter is one of the most beautiful things in the world and that there is nothing like a purring cat when you’re sad. I also know, that like people, the sweetest, juiciest peaches are often bruised.556044_10200170322917092_545234820_n(1)

But most of all, I believe in jumping into life with open arms, that all knowledge is worth having and that all love is a precious gift worth fostering.


I am the Kitchen Witch of The Moon Goddesses Kitchen.

Blessed Be.


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