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Oil Circle – Healthy Weight Loss

The monthly oil circle (founded by Olivia Biera of Oily Mix, Sabrina is Co-Hosting with her this year) is where we focus on a topic but are mainly here to expand your resources so you can get answers to any questions you might have about how to use essential oils in your daily life. This… Read More Oil Circle – Healthy Weight Loss

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Some of My History….

I used to own a bath and body care company. We started it in my garage in 2009, made soap, bath bombs, shower bombs, body butter, body polish, salt soaks and a bunch of other great stuff with the best ingredients, by hand. It was a great concept, we made wonderful things. So wonderful that… Read More Some of My History….

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Taking The Big Leap

So I’ve been re-reading the book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, lately. Do you ever read something and feel like the person who wrote it, wrote it for you? Like they somehow magically knew that you’d need to hear this particular thing? See the thing that stands in the way of my greatest successes… Read More Taking The Big Leap

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Isn’t it funny how when you have things you are working on, the lesson comes to you over and over. You hear it in a friends story, in the music you listen to, in the books you pick up casually, the thing your soul is ready to shift surrounds you. It’s like the new car… Read More Consistency

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Every so often, I look around and it hits me, these things we take for granted, cars, roads, buildings, clothing, internet, they were all just an idea someone had at some point. They are a thought that has become solid, an idea so shared that they have become fact, an entrenched part of consciousness that… Read More Mindset

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The Cult of Busy

In my pursuit of better business practices and strategies I listen to several podcasts put out by people who are have the success that I’m seeking. Lindsay Teague Moreno wrote a book I like, called “Getting Noticed” (it’s about marketing strategies), so I started listening to her podcast “Boss Up”. Is it trite to say… Read More The Cult of Busy

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Three Things To Make You Successful

We obsess about the bad things. Well I do anyway. I can have 30 people say something nice to me and I focus on the one person who was shitty with me. God help me if I start reading blog comments. This is super common, I know everyone does this but this is a great… Read More Three Things To Make You Successful

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So this isn’t something I usually post about, but it’s something that seems to be a pretty common theme with care-givers and cancer survivors. We are super de-conditioned (our main activity for several years now has been, respectively, lying in bed sick on lots of muscle eating drugs or sitting in a chair staring at… Read More Deconditioned