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Changes Are Coming…

So, a few days ago I turned in my notice at my city job – in a very me way, meaning, I’m not working regular hours there anymore, just staffing events when they need me, so no doors closed, just change. The situation there is changing, as is mine and Cyndi’s life. I’m no longer a good fit for a consistent job there and rather than hold onto something that is no longer working, I’m letting go and trusting that the universe has my back. Like it always does.

Change can be scary and invigorating at the same time. Cyn and I sat down and really looked at what’s working, what we love and decided together that we are really going to lean into the things that are good for us. This means I re-opened my doula practice (expect to hear a lot about babies very soon!) and turned in my notice to the city job I’ve been at for the past few years. It’s bittersweet because I actually really love all the people I’m working with now. The whole environment has changed to the kind of workplace team that is the kind of group I would really look for if I was looking for a “normal” job. They’re fun, kind, generous and just all around good people. I’ll miss seeing them all a few days a week, and that is mostly why I’ve hesitated on pulling the trigger there for the past couple of months.

See, in November of last year it was clear to us I was growing out of this, our home based business is growing, our massage practice is growing, AND we were trying to decide if I should go back to doing births regularly. We agreed then that we would hustle to build our businesses to the point that I could phase out of there early in the year. Cyndi has been reminding me all week that I manifested this change by stating this intention last year.

There are only so many hours in a week and I really want to use my precious time well, I can’t justify just sitting somewhere because someone will give me money for it. I need to be useful because, I know now, that time spent building my businesses brings in more money, per hour, than any job working for someone else can bring me. So when I was busy there, it was satisfying to be there and made sense.

Working the Gay Pride Event at Stronghold Indoor Climbing Gym

As the team has grown there has been less and less for me to do and I’ve been getting restless. It’s time for a change. I’m ready, I’ll miss my friends, but I’m happy about recouping the time, time spent commuting, honestly, I’m getting 3 full days a week back to utilize. It’s intoxicating to think of all the time I can invest in my projects and in balancing our lives a little more. This site is going to get the attention it deserves, as are teaching and some of my other projects and BABIES!!! OMG, the babies. It’s finally more exciting than scary or sad, I feel like I’m stepping into who I am more fully and I look forward to sharing it with you all.


– Sabrina, The Kitchen Witch of The Moon Goddesses Kitchen