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Cooking With Oils – Fall Favorites

Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons here in The Moon Goddesses Kitchen. There is such a richness to fall, the harvest season brings us an abundance of squashes, root vegetables, apples, and pears. The warm rich flavors of fall are unlike the taste of any other season. They bring with them the feel of… Read More Cooking With Oils – Fall Favorites

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Where We’re going next…

Some of you know my history, some are new here, so here is a little bit about how I ended up on the journey I’m on. Back in 2009 I was working as a massage therapist, a teacher and a doula. A friend and I reconnected and decided to start a company, we wanted an… Read More Where We’re going next…

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Isn’t it funny how when you have things you are working on, the lesson comes to you over and over. You hear it in a friends story, in the music you listen to, in the books you pick up casually, the thing your soul is ready to shift surrounds you. It’s like the new car… Read More Consistency

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The Cult of Busy

In my pursuit of better business practices and strategies I listen to several podcasts put out by people who are have the success that I’m seeking. Lindsay Teague Moreno wrote a book I like, called “Getting Noticed” (it’s about marketing strategies), so I started listening to her podcast “Boss Up”. Is it trite to say… Read More The Cult of Busy

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The Most Important Questions

I love Brendon Burchard’s story, he was in a serious car accident at 19, and in facing death had an epiphany that changed the direction of his life. What he realized is that at the end of our lives we are faced with three basic questions: Did I Live? Did I live my life? Was… Read More The Most Important Questions

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It’s hard to get the truth of it all in words and pictures on a screen. Life, people are so multi-faceted. Every side of a story holds a grain of truth and every perspective is real to the person standing in that place. The Internet is a lot like the 50’s. We dress up in… Read More Mirrors

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On Connection

it’s strange how bad I’ve become at being alone At being still with my thoughts All of these things That we carry in our pockets Give us the illusion of connectedness But it’s like diet food Or eating popcorn for dinner Where is the meat of it? The sound of a friends breath as they… Read More On Connection

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Making Space

So I’ve recently started deleting apps off my phone. I want to do things that I used to, mind and soul enriching things. I’ve been kind of passively tracking what I do with my time and realized how much of it is spent staring at my phone. I used to talk for hours, tying up… Read More Making Space