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It’s every 6 months or so now, not every 3 months, or every few weeks, like it was. But it’s still a hard/scary day. We do our best to stay… Read More MRI Day

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Healthy Home Workshop – Loving Lemon

One of the main sources of pollution in the home is the products we use to clean it. It’s frustrating to think that the very things we trust to clean… Read More Healthy Home Workshop – Loving Lemon

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If you could do anything, what would you do?

Has anyone ever asked you that? The “no limits, money is no object” question? Or the “if you won the lottery….” question. What this often shows is where our hearts… Read More If you could do anything, what would you do?

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The Most Important Questions

I love Brendon Burchard’s story, he was in a serious car accident at 19, and in facing death had an epiphany that changed the direction of his life. What he… Read More The Most Important Questions

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So this isn’t something I usually post about, but it’s something that seems to be a pretty common theme with care-givers and cancer survivors. We are super de-conditioned (our main… Read More Deconditioned

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Supporting Each Other

One of the things that has become increasingly important to me over the past 3 years is supporting other people walking the journey of caregiver or cancer fighter. It is… Read More Supporting Each Other

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2017 – New Beginnings

It’s been a long year, which is an understatement for most of us. Its been a while since I’ve spent time on this page.  Things have been increasingly busier, which… Read More 2017 – New Beginnings

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Every Breath Is A Gift

Seems I get all introspective in the wee hours of the night. Perhaps insomnia really is my muses partner. Only they truly know. What I can say for sure is… Read More Every Breath Is A Gift