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Supporting Each Other

One of the things that has become increasingly important to me over the past 3 years is supporting other people walking the journey of caregiver or cancer fighter. It is a surreal experience and there are times that only someone who has also set up all night at the bedside of a loved one, someone who has also become an unwilling authority on all the medications, treatments and interactions of all the things, someone who knows the horror of unexpected side effects and changing lives, there are times when only the ears of that person can hear all the unsaid things and not judge you for your angers and fears.

Facing death brings out unexpected sides to everyone in your life and it has been an immense comfort to me to have so many wonderful people who have walked this walk ahead of us, make themselves available to listen and support us. It is my honor to do the same for others. Part of what this means is that there will definitely be a wellness/cancer survivor aspect of this page. Understand that I know the bone deep exhaustion of care-giving and will never judge how you or I cope. This is all well intentioned and a lot of it is the outpouring of my best days, the days with sun and energy and hope. There’s enough grief and darkness out there already, but please know that we know it too and send you all the hope we have to share.