Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver

Every so often, I re-read this book in part to remind myself that considering where our food comes from and being responsible about how we consume it is important. This is one of the books that inspired my urban farming obsession.

Barbara Kingsolver and her family decide as a unit to spend a year eating only food that comes from within 100 miles of their home. They had recently moved to some land in the country and had the joy of an acre or so to garden on to boost this journey (which I am extremely jealous of). There are recipes, stories and some deep and sincere thoughts around how disconnected we’ve become from where our food is sourced. When you become disconnected from the very building blocks of your body on a cellular level you also lose the connection to your world and environment as a whole. This book makes me thoughtful and reminds me why I sincerely believe in the magic of food. It also inspires me to bust out my canning jars and capture the taste of summer before it fades into fall. Bring over your excess tomatoes, we can drink some wine and can them together.