Eat That Frog

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Eat That Frog: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done In Less Time

by Brian Tracy

Ok, so one of the things I struggle with is the eternal question of “What is the most important thing to do first?!” This quandary can stymie all action and find me surfing facebook for hours, accomplishing nothing. Now if you know me, you know that I am hyper productive in spurts, like I can do amazing shit when I focus. This book really honed down for me why some days I can really kill it and other days I struggle.

Focus is the name of the game here, limiting distractions, working to completion and focusing on what key activities make you the most effective reprograms your brain to want to keep going through a positive response cycle. Basically, your brain rewards you with a hit of dopamine and positive feelings when you complete a big project early in the day, setting up a positive feedback loop. You feel good and successful when you complete a big/important thing that moves you forward rather than feeling busy and overwhelmed when you focus on the smaller, easily accomplished but less important busy work.

The book lays out ways to determine what is important and what isn’t, as well as how to lay out your day to achieve higher levels of productivity and reach your goals faster. I’ll be putting many of these techniques into practice this year and will update you on how it goes. I can say that the whole book resonates as truth for me. I tore through it and definitely needed the highlighter for the juicy bits. This book gets two thumbs up and a hearty recommendation.

One note, I would get the physical book rather than the audible version as, while Brian Tracy is a prolific writer, I struggle to pay attention to his voice when he reads his books.

Here’s to getting shit done!

-Sabrina, The Kitchen Witch of

The Moon Goddesses Kitchen