Transcendence by Norman E. Rosenthal, M.D.

Because of the last few years stress (being a care giver and dealing with my partner having brain cancer was a lot to process) I’ve been actively looking for ways to manage stress that don’t involve medication. I want to be functional but even better, I want to grow and become a better version of who I am. I’ve tried many different types of meditation and the common theme for me has always been that it’s HARD. I really don’t want another hard thing to do every day so I’ve been circling around the idea of meditation. I like to read so I started researching, this is the third book I’ve read about TM or Transcendental Meditation. What I finally realized is that while the book will give you all sorts of information about it, extensive science, studies, anecdotal information, etc it won’t tell you HOW to do it. You have to take a workshop for that. What this book did for me was make me more willing to investigate further. Check out the Hippie Test Projects page to hear about my experience going through the training and the results so far. I recommend this book for sure because if I hadn’t had the information, the science and studies I wouldn’t have tried it, and the main difference with TM is it’s EASY. Check it out.