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Slique In 60 Challenge Update

Alright, it’s time for an update on the challenge we started in January. We’ve had mixed results so far, Cyndi is doing way better than I am. She’s been doing her daily routines with a dedication I admire, including really working on her vestibular exercises. She’s an inspiration to me daily. I on the other hand am reminded why I don’t pay for a gym membership, I’m the least dedicated gym rat in the world. The idea Cyndi had for incorporating exercise into our daily lives (like every time we go to the bathroom we have to do either push ups or dips off the counter and either squats or rear leg lifts – 5 for Cyn and 10 for me) is genius, I just don’t do it with enough consistency. Cyn, once again is inspiring to me daily. I’m working on it. It’s slow. I do feel better most days which says a lot. I’m glad we are doing it and will keep plugging away at it. More updates soon.