Cyndi’s Special Drink

I posted this recently on facebook and had so many requests for the mix and what I put in it that I thought I’d break it down here so I can link where to get everything.

“Most nights I make this special drink for Cyndi. It’s a mix of calcium and magnesium to help her sleep and to combat muscle spams, vitamin c to boost her immune system, amino acids to help with muscle soreness and Alkalyme to make her more alkaline and deal with the acid reflux that the medication she takes at night makes. I’ve been doing this for about 3 years now, it started when she was sick, it’s become one of the ways I say “I love you”. #love #kindness #support #wellness#cancersurvivor — with Cyndi Ortolano at Brewery Artist Lofts.”


Cyndi’s Special Drink (Links to products below)

1 Packet Pink Lemonade Emergen-c

1/2 tsp A to B Calm Calcium Magnesium Powder

1/2 tsp Natural Calm

1/2 tsp Young Living’s Alkalyme

1/2 tsp Young Living’s Aminowise


  • Mix all the ingredients together and slowly add enough water to turn the powders into a paste. The mix will foam up a LOT so once the paste is made, let it sit for a bit until it calms down then add enough water to fill the glass.


Note: if you’re looking for the Young Living supplements search under Targeted Nutrition.